Запрошую на Energy Security Forum - завершальний форум 2022 року
Colleagues, I invite you to the Energy Security Forum, which will be the final forum of the year for Energy Club, a business community that bring together leading companies in the Ukrainian energy market and create opportunities for communication between its stakeholders, in a cycle of more than 90 events in 2022.

At the Forum, experts will analyse and assess the state of the renewable energy market, electricity market, gas market, hydrogen energy, energy efficiency.

What do the participants of the Ukrainian energy sector think about how the security and stability of the energy sector of Ukraine will be ensured during the war and the post-war development of the Ukrainian energy sector?

Generation, power grid complex, market regulators and traders will discuss the problems and try to predict the future development of Ukrainian energy.

Dates: November 21-25, 2022.
Format: online conference
Duration: 10:00-17:00 (GMT+3)
Event language: English
  1. Security and stability of the Ukrainian energy sector during the war and its post-war recovery. Post-war development of Ukrainian energy sector
  2. Cybersecurity in the energy sector: what are the challenges facing critical infrastructure facilities in Ukraine?
  3. Development of electricity storage systems in Ukraine
  4. Integration of Ukrainian and European energy markets: what are the next steps? Beyond synchronisation: opportunities and challenges for commercial electricity exports from Ukraine to its EU neighbours
  5. The state of the gas market of Ukraine in the conditions of war
  6. Attracting investments for the development of the Ukrainian oil and gas industry and strengthening integration with the European Union in energy security issues, searching for new concepts and solutions, as well as joint actions to increase natural gas production in Ukraine
  7. The prospect of creating a regional Eastern European gas hub. Potential benefits for Europe and Ukraine
  8. The future of green energy in Ukraine. Opportunities and roadmap for the introduction of guarantees of origin of "green" energy in Ukraine
  9. Energy efficiency in energy, infrastructure, industry, transport and construction. Modern technologies and approaches to reducing energy intensity of products, minimizing operating costs for energy supply. Reduction of specific CO2 emissions
  10. Bioenergy: challenges and opportunities for substitution of imported energy in Ukraine. Development of biomethane production in Ukraine
  11. Development of hydrogen economy in the European dimension. Ways of mutually beneficial international cooperation. Export of hydrogen. Creation of hydrogen clusters - a way to decarbonize the economy and restore the regions of Ukraine. Storage, transportation and other logistics issues of hydrogen energy
  12. Sustainability of nuclear energy in wartime conditions and post-war development of low-carbon generation
  13. Wars and oil sanctions. Experience of previous crises and new challenges
  14. European experience in servicing electricity consumers
Go to https://iclub.energy/energy_security_forum_2022_en, register, add the event to your calendar, send this email to your friends, colleagues, anyone who is interested in the topics of the forum.
Best regards, President of Energy Club Andriy Kostrytsia
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