ENERGY TRADING | EUROPE UKRAINE. Invitation to the online conference. May 19, 2022
Colleagues, we invite you to the ENERGY TRADING | EUROPE UKRAINE online conference on May 19, 2022.

Language: English
Start: 3:00 PM (GMT+3)
Discussion questions:
  • The status of the feed-in-premium bill?
  • What is the prospect of building new nuclear power plants, their relevance against the background of a significant drop in consumption?
  • Resources of the future: "green" auctions, carbon dioxide capture technologies and hydrogen production?
  • Current state of generating capacities (hydro, SES/WPP), who from the generation is the most affected?
  • Energy balance of Ukraine: today and in three years.
  • Export of electricity from Ukraine to the EU: friendly assistance or joint business?
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The conference organizer is Energy Club - the largest business community that unites leading companies in the energy market of Ukraine and creates opportunities for communication between its stakeholders. We are actively working to create a single discussion platform for business, representatives of government institutions and the international community to frankly discuss the current problems of the industry, which is transformed into the development of ways and effective innovative solutions to overcome challenges.
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